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Dear Racer,

A friend of mine sent me an engine building book to read and I can't believe it. I can't believe people actually buy this stuff, but what really gets me is the people who write this stuff. They've probably never built a competitive racing engine in their entire life or they're some big name engine builder telling you only a few of his secrets. I can't believe how much fluff is in these books. They don't tell you anything, except maybe a bunch of outdated info.

So, tell you what I'm doing right now, I'm putting together every engine building tip I have. It's not going to be a bunch of fluff, it's going to be straight to the point. Just the info you really want. I've been selling the book Secrets of a 740hp Winston Cup Engine for about 4-months now and the sales have been more than I expected. So, I'm going take this book and add to it to make a package of truly useful information.

What makes me qualified to write this?
  • 3 Winston Cup Poles
  • 5 Winston Cup front rows
  • 2 Winston Cup event records
  • 1 Winston Cup track record
  • 8+ NHRA national records
  • Over 100 Fast times at local tracks

Now, I don't display these to brag. I just wanted you to know that the person writing this information has built competitive racing engines, not just talked about it.

If you're reading this, you are probably one of the following people;

Racer - Even if you don't build engines you can use this information to help your engine builder take you to the next level. It also includes info on how-to tune at the track. I'll show you how I track tuned at Winston Cup races. On the same subject I also include the Weather Dyno software to help you.

Want to learn engine building - If you want to start building racing engines, why learn the hard way. I can get you building competitive racing engines right of the bat. Don't spend years and thousands of dollars learning what I can teach you over a weekend.

Engine Builder - Ok, I know you are going to be the hardest to convince. I know that all engine builders have pride, I have pride too, but remember that we all came out of the womb knowing nothing about engine building, we had to learn it from someone. I think one of the hardest things for a person to do is accept the fact that they don't know everything and that other people can help them expand their knowledge.

Below is some of the information included in this package:

Thanks, Don Terrill

Cylinder Heads

  • How-to make 10hp with a 1 inch wide piece of sandpaper
  • How-to port your heads using Riblet techniques.
  • Why you must check reverse flow on your heads and how-to use it to make hp.
  • Why some of my worst flowing heads made the most power.
  • The three port dimensions you must watch.
  • What valve lifts are the most important. (A lot of people get this one wrong.)
  • Why back cutting the valves doesn't always work.

Intake Manifold

  • Why you can't use a flow bench to design a manifold.
  • The 10 minute modification that works every time.
  • The right way to match the ports. It's not the easist.
  • What to do if you run restricted type engines.


  • Why there are good and bad carburetors and how-to get a good one.
  • Air bleeds, you have never adjusted them, I'll show you how
  • Why the location of the carb on the manifold is so important.
  • When should your throttle blades not be set straight up and down.
  • Who is, by far the best supplier of carbs to Nascar teams?


  • Are high ratio rockers the way to go?
  • Why valve bounce kills hp and how-to stop it.
  • Why running at a lower rpm can actually increase bounce.
  • How-to run over 200 # on the seat of a flat tappet cam.
  • How-to properly prep a camshaft.


What people are saying:

    " Don was a valued employee in our engine dept. his engines combined for three Winston Cup poles
    in '97. "
    John Erickson
    Sabco race operations VP

    " Don is one of my favorite resources. Sabco's qualifying performance in '97 speaks volumes.
    Billy Godbold
    Competition Cams R&D

    "Purchasing your book off the web was very tough without seeing. Once I received your book and read it the skepticism was gone. Let me say thanks for writing a no nonsense book."
    Michael Coria
    Arnold Auto Center

    "The tips from the book and what you told me really helped with our motors. We had 3 feature wins, 7 heat wins and 13 top fives."
    Carter Gerlach
    Gerlach Racing

    "Great book!!! I really enjoyed it."
    Kurt Dobson
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    "fascinating and intriguing"
    Kevin Santee.
    N. Kingsville, OH.

    "The best $99 I've ever spent."
    Douglas Jarrett sr.
    LaGrange, KY.

    "Got my book today and its well worth the $s"
    Joe Griffin Racing
    Umatilla, OR.

    "Mind-blowing. Wow, great stuff"
    Curtis Halvorson
    Western Canada.

    "In dollars per usable information, its the run away winner"
    Don Foreman
    Central Point, OR



  • The 3hp modification you must do to a Jesel belt drive.
  • What is the best rocker arm to run.
  • What is the best all around push rod
  • Why you can't take valve springs out of the box and run them.
  • Why and how-to prep every component.


  • Who is the only manufacture to use for pistons
  • What is the right skirt shape for hp.
  • What is the best way to set deck clearence.
  • Are coatings worth it?
  • How-to prep pistons for longevity and performance.
  • When to run gas ports and how many to use.


  • The one modification I wouldn't even think of not doing.
  • How-to keep low drag rings from oiling.
  • How-to use oil expanders to fine tune drag.
  • Why most people don't have a clue how-to make rings seal.
  • What is my favorite ring to run.

Crank and Rods

  • How-to balance your crank for more hp. This one will surprise you.
  • Bearing coatings can be a disaster What you must do if you're going to use the.
  • Who's cranks make the most power.
  • The only dampner to use and how-to modify it.
  • What rod modification you must do.
  • How-to prep bearings. Most people just pull them out of the box.


  • Coated bores, yes you read it right. There is only one that will work.
  • What block modification will lower oil flow by 3 gal per min.
  • How-to properly machine the cylinder bores.
  • How-to set up your cooling system. Most teams have this one wrong.


Why am I sharing these secrets?

So many people are afraid of giving away their secrets. I finally realized that telling my secrets didn't effect my business one bit. And I also found out that it drives winston cup engine builders crazy that I give this information out. (Update 6/28/99) I just got off the phone with one of them......... and they're not happy.


Oiling System

  • This is where you will find the easist 7hp.
  • Why the 10# per 1000 rpm is not the best way to set psi.
  • What are the best oils to run and which to say away from.
  • How oil pan makers have been making mistakes for years.
  • Oil pump modifications.

Ignition System

  • How-to stop timing fluctuations.
  • How-to adjust timing on every cylinder.
  • What is the best spark plug to run.
  • What are the only wires that consistently work.

Exhaust System

  • Why equal length headers are not as important as you think.
  • How-to use the firing order to help you design your headers.
  • What is the perfect collector shape?

Engine Assembly

  • Why you have to look at oil and oil temp to set bearing clearence.
  • Why I'm not afraid of silicone. In fact, in can be worth hp.
  • The piston pin mod that might save your engine.
  • How-to install heads so you never blow a head gasket.
  • What is the right way to set cam timing. Most people are missing this one.

Dyno Tuning

  • Why adjusting lash tells you nothing about cam size needed.
  • What is the best way to spot detination on the dyno.
  • The only way I would ever break-in an engine.

Track Tuning

  • Why only 1 percent of the people who read spark plugs are actually doing it right.
  • How-to to adjust your jetting by the sound of the engine.
  • How to read spark plugs the right way.

Weather Dyno software

  • Available for Window  and Mac os .
  • Use to accurately correct engine dyno numbers.
  • Tune for week to week, lap to lap and run to run consistency.
  • Helps you figure out if modifications worked or the weather changed.
  • Tune for elevation, temp, barometric psi, humidity and wind.
  • Allows you to keep notes for future reference.
  • Unlimited number of records can be saved.
  • Works for any type of racing.
  • Easy to use.

Piston Motion spreadsheet software

  • Works on PC  or Mac
  • Excel spreadsheet format
  • Piston location
  • Piston velocity
  • Piston Acceleration
  • G-force

33 Steps to Better Engine Building new audio cassette

  • Professionally produced audio tape
  • 25 minutes long
  • 10 ways to learn better engine building
  • 15 biggest engine mistakes and how to avoid them
  • 8 ways to think like a genius

Don't buy any information that meets this criteria:

  • Don't buy anything from someone who has never built competitive racing engines.
  • Don't buy from anybody who doesn't have documented proof of success


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