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What is Sinhala English Dictionary 2001...

Sinhala English Dictionary 2001 helps you to find Sinhala and English Meanings and Vice Versa with a Phonetic Keyboard developed by www.kaputa.com. It is easy to learn and  simple to use.

Release for 2001...

The New Generation Sinhala & English Dictionary for Windows 2000, 98, 95, & NT...from the team (KAPUTA.COM) that provided technology for  Divaina, Lankadeepa  Sinhala news papers to the cyber space...!  
Ideal for Home & Office use.

Minimum System Requirements...

A Home/Office PC, with 486DX2 100 MHz or higher microprocessor
8Mb RAM (12Mb recommended for Windows 95)
MPC-compatible double-speed CD-ROM drive
SVGA 256 color display (16-bit colors preferred)
Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME/NT or 2000

Sinhala Typing...

Sinhala Dictionary uses kaputadotcom  font set and the Keyboard layout  which is provided with the CD.


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