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True Type Fonts (TTF)

TTF is Microsoft's de-facto standard for Windows & Windows Applications. You can use TTF in any pure Windows Application. TTF has enabled using Sinhala & Tamil Languages in Windows. To use Sinhala & Tamil in your Windows, you need to install the fonts. Once the fonts are installed , you can see them in applications like Write & Paint brush including Word & Excel so on.

How to Install TTF

Down Load the fonts zip file (compressed) and save it to a temporary directory
Unzip it using Winzip (you can download winzip from
Now you need to use the Windows Control Panel to install the fonts

If you have Windows 95 - 98 -  NT - Me - 2000

Start > Setting > Control Panel >Fonts > Install New fonts

Select the fonts to install .. that's all .. check the fonts in MS Write.. if you see them you have installed the fonts..

Don't forget to read this FAQ if you have questions

I down loaded the fonts but still I can't see the Sinhala or Tamil characters
They are compressed, use winzip or a tool similar to that to unzip it. and install using control panels font option to install fonts

I installed the fonts but I can't read the News Paper
If you have properly installed the fonts, you should be able to see the fonts in Windows. (MS Write etc.). Then you need to upgrade you browser to HTML 3.2 compatible browser like Internet Explorer 3.1 or Netscape Gold or higher.

I installed the fonts but I see some un usual characters
Down load the new fonts. Because we are continuously improving the font set

I can't install the fonts from the ZIP file!
There is a possibility that the down loaded file is corrupted, Please down load again

Can I write using these fonts?
You can use these fonts in any windows programme that uses fonts. You also can use the friendly editor Sinhala WORD

I would like to get a demo version of Sinhala WORD

Get it here

Do I need a special driver to read the page ..

No.. This is a cool driverless fontset..

Do I have to pay for these fonts ..

No! But you contribute for the Research & Development of this product.

Can I get Apple Mac Version of the fonts
Yes.. Donald Gamantilaka of Japan has converted the Kandy fonts to Mac.. Here is the Instructions