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This tool is an invention of Kaputa.com in 2006 Janauary, developed by Kaputa Team to enable Language aware Single or Multiline Textboxes.. The concept, method and techniques can be implemented in c, java,vb, or any other language as an individual application or embeded inside an application, web sites, kiosk etc. This  implementation is uses JavaScript and HTML only.  With Kaputa Uniwriter we can solve Unicode input issues simplifying use of Unicode by layman. Kaputa Uniwriter can be used any Indic, Chinese, other or roman language single page or web application.  Since it is designed to run on a JavaScript enabled web browser, will be run on Windows, Linux, Mac and other O/Ss supporting Java Script.

Concept , R & D by Niranjan Meegammana & Tusitha Randunuge 2006
E fusion~UniWriter 2006 (c) e fusion  www.kaputa.com :

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